Modify an existing link

User Role: System Administrator

To modify an existing link.

  1. Click Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Links.
  2. Type optional search criteria, and then click Search.
  3. Double-click a link to view or change it. If necessary, press Ctrl+H to view help for each field.

    When the link record opens, the following options are available from the More Actions menu:

    Insert LineOpens a window to prompt for the number of lines to insert, then inserts them above the cursor position.
    Delete LineOpens a window to prompt for the number of lines to delete, then deletes them beginning with the line the cursor is on.
    Select LineAllows advanced link processing.
    Check FieldWhen the cursor is positioned on a Source Field Name or Target Field Name, prompts for a file name and then checks the database dictionary of the file to determine whether a field of that name exists. If invalid, allows selection of a valid field.
  4. If you make changes, click Save.

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