Review the "form edit" condition in workflow phases

The “form edit” condition in Process Designer-based workflows determines whether a form is editable when a user views a record. In Service Manager Classic, this control condition may be located different places. When the Applications Upgrade Utility creates the migrated workflows for Hybrid mode, the condition settings are migrated from the default location of the condition in Service Manager Classic:

  • Service Desk: The condition is copied from the state input condition
  • Change: The condition is copied from the legacy change phase

If you have configured the condition in any other location, it will not be automatically migrated. In this situation, you must manually combine the Classic condition settings into the “form edit” condition.

Note Whilst we recommend that you use the “form edit” condition in workflow phases in Service Manager Hybrid and Codeless, the “IO control” condition for the display screen still works. If you set both conditions, the form is editable only when both condition are met.