Review the migrated validity records

After you migrate to Service Manager Hybrid, validity records are validated against the Process Designer category tables instead of the Classic category tables. Therefore, a manual review of the validity records is required.

A Process Designer migration report that resembles the following is included in the pdmigration.log file:

The following validity records are updated to perform validation against Process Designer-based category tables (such as category, subcategory, and producttype) instead of legacy category tables. Backups of the original validity records (identified by the suffix "_disabled") have been created.
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:category;Sequence:1
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:category;Sequence:3
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:incident.category;Sequence:3
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:1
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:2
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:3
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:5
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:7
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:10
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:product.type;Sequence:13
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:1
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:2
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:3
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:5
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:11
Unique ID:BP;Field Name:subcategory;Sequence:12

The number of updated validity records depends on your system configuration. If you have not customized any validity records, you can ignore this step.

Note If you have added dbdict fields to the category tables and if you use the validity table to validate against these fields, you must manually change the validation logic for these fields.