Update the eventin service

If you use the eventin service to create Incidents, and if the RAD applications of your Event Register for creating the Incidents is set to "axces.apm," you must check whether the "add" action in the document engine's state records action blocks externally-created Incidents.

To do this, first identify which process maps to the "add" action in the Classic Open State. The following illustration uses the im.first process as an example from an out-of-box system.

In out-of-box systems earlier than Service Manager 9.41, only the "problem" and "EXTERNAL" operators have permission to add Incident records from the backend.

Make sure that the User IDs of your eventin services are configured as demonstrated in the following image.

Alternatively, make sure the User IDs of your eventin services are not blocked. To do this, you can change your code to allow all backend operations, as illustrated by the following image.

If you use the following applications in your event register, the relevant eventin services are now allowed to trigger the Process Designer rule sets.

RAD applications


Out-of-box event registers



pmu: problem update

pmr: problem reopen

pmo: problem open

pmm: problem mibile checkout/in

pmc: problem close


(total 19 eventregisters) 



epmosmu: e problem open smu



esmin: e service management

smin: service management 







(total 14 eventregisters) 


  • The Change module eventin services (such as eventregister cm3rin and cm3tin) can already trigger Process Designer rule sets.
  • If you use the axces.database RAD applications (the behavior of which is not changed by the Process Designer migration) as the eventregister application, the eventin services will not trigger the Process Designer rule sets.