Troubleshooting: Automatic merge fails


The Automatic Merge task fails during the upgrade and you receive the following error message:

Failed to unzip <zip file path>. Auto Merge skipped.

This error message indicates that automatic merge was skipped because of a failure to unzip the required zip file. The Upgrade Utility skips the Automatic Merge task and continues the upgrade process.


To rerun the Automatic Merge task after running the Upgrade Utility, follow these steps:

  1. In the Upgrade\3waymerge\oob folder, find the zip file named after the version that you selected for the Base Version when running the Upgrade Utility.
  2. Extract the folder named after the Base Version that you previously selected from inside the zip file to the Upgrade\3waymerge\oob folder. For example, if you selected 9.3PD for the Base Version previously, extract the 9.3PD folder from inside, and then place the extracted folder (9.3PD) in the Upgrade\3waymerge\oob folder.
  3. Open the Upgrade Results list and search for records with a type of "Renamed."
  4. Select the objects that you want to merge, and click Mass Auto Merge from the More Actions list.