Access approval definitions

Applies to User Roles:

Request Administrator

System Administrator

An approval definition record defines the basics of an approval requirement. The approval condition for each requirement can be based on any field in the source record, such as cost and category.

To access approval definitions:

  1. Click Request Management > Maintenance > Supporting Files > Approval Definitions.
  2. Add optional search criteria, and then click Search.

    A record list of current approval definition records opens.

  3. Click a record to open it.
    • Click Next or Previous to scroll through the list of records and see the specifics for each record.
    • Click Back to go back to the search screen.
    • Click Delete to delete a record.
    • Click Save if you make any changes.
  4. To add a new record, do the following:
    1. In the Name field, clear the name of the current record and type a unique new name for this new record.
    2. Add or change information on the form to set up the new approval definition record. For example, type an Approval Description and set the Approval Type.
    3. Click Add to add the new record.

      Caution: When you are adding a new record from an existing record, make sure you do not click Save. Doing so will replace the existing record with the new record you are attempting to add.