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Approvals in Request Management

The approval process automates and formalizes the evaluation of quotes and orders by the appropriate management entities. This process channels the risk, cost, and responsibility associated with a request to the proper levels.

An approval requirement is assigned when an item requires a decision-maker’s evaluation. These approvals, though encompassing the line items and part numbers listed on the quote or order, operate only at the quotes and orders level. The status of individual line items may change (for example, from requested to ordered), but it is only the quote or order itself that is approved or denied.

Those operators authorized to issue approvals within each area and category of requests and orders are listed in the group definition records.

Approvals give controlling authorities (Approval groups) the responsibility of costs and risks associated with a request, the ability to stop work, and to control when certain work activities can proceed. They determine:

  • Which categories of catalog items require approvals
  • Which catalog items require approvals
  • What are the Approval groups
  • Who is in each group