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List and detail toolbars

Toolbars are displayed above the record list and record details sections of HPE Service Manager applications. These toolbars use standard buttons to trigger common actions. Some of the actions are listed below.

Note If you are using a web client, do not use the browser buttons (such as Refresh, Back, and Forward) on your browser toolbar or their keyboard shortcuts (such as Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Left, and Ctrl+Right) to perform Service Manager actions. Instead, use the buttons on the Service Manager interface.

Windows Client Web Client Icon name Meaning
Add icon Add icon Add Add a new record to the database.
Back icon Back icon Back Return to the last form.
Cancel icon Cancel icon Cancel Reverse your last action.
Clear icon Clear icon Clear Erase the data that you type on a form.
Close icon Close icon Close Change the status of the current record.
Count icon N/A Count Count the number of records in a record list. If you are using a web client, you can access this information by clicking the Count Records below the record list.
Fill icon Fill icon Fill Populate the current field with data.
Find icon Find icon Find Locate related data.
New icon N/A Menu Refresh the record list and option list.
New icon New icon New Create a new record.
Next icon Next icon Next Advance to the next record.
the OK icon the OK icon Save and Exit Update the current record and return to the previous form.
Options icon N/A More Actions menu Access the additional actions available for the current form. This icon is located on the far right side of the toolbar in the Windows client.
N/A MORE More Actions menu Access the additional actions available for the current form. This button is displayed in the web client only.
Previous icon Previous icon Previous Return to the previous record.
Print icon Print icon Print Send the current form to the printer.
Quick Open icon Quick Open icon Qopen (Quick Open) Create a service desk interaction or incident report.
Refresh icon Refresh icon Refresh Update to display changes.
Save icon Save icon Save Update the current record and display the current form.
Search icon Search icon Search Generate a record list.