To Do list

The To Do list is the first screen all HPE Service Manager users see when they log in to the Windows client. Users who log in to the web client will also see a To Do list, unless they are using an operator that has been set up to see a dashboard home page instead.

The To Do list displays a list of records in the operator's To Do queue. The operator can use the Queue and View fields to display different record lists, depending on the selections made in each of these fields. The operator's user role and profile determine the selections available in the Queue and View fields.

For example, an operator might select the Interaction queue in the Queue field and Self-Service Interactions in the View field to display a list of all open self-service interactions to which the operator has access. Once a list of records appears, the operator double-clicks a record to display the details of the record.

The To Do list includes active links on the left-side of the form that allow an operator to perform tasks, such as searching for or creating a new record, depending on the queue and view selected and operator access privileges.