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Log on to the web client (self-service user view)

Access to the self-service user view is often configured as a link on an intranet web page. Contact your system administrator for that information.

If you need to access the self-service user view by its URL, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your system administrator to obtain the following for the HPE Service Manager server to which you want to connect:
    • The web server host name or IP address
    • The web server port number
    • The name of the deployed Service Manager application
    • Your user name and password
  2. Verify that your web browser version is supported. For more information, see Compatibility matrices.
  3. Verify that your web browser is configured as follows:
    • Cookies are enabled.
    • JavaScript is enabled.
    • Pop-ups are enabled. You may need to add the URL to the browser exception list.
  4. Type the following URL in the address field of your web browser:


    This URL contains the following placeholders:

    • servername refers to the host name or IP address of the web server.
    • portnumber refers to the port number. For example, leave the port blank to default to port 80.
    • appname refers to the name of the deployed Service Manager application. By default, the application name is the name of the WAR/EAR file. For example, webtier-9.30.

    Note If your web client requires a secure connection, Service Manager automatically redirects the URL to https://servername:HTTPSportnumber/appname/

  5. On the login page, type your user name and password.
  6. Select the language for the web client. The language defaults to the language setting in the web browser environment.
  7. Click Log In.