Install > Set up legacy integrations > Set up a legacy listener

Set up a legacy listener

The out-of-box server sc.ini file is configured to connect to the sample database. To connect to another RDBMS, edit the parameters in the sc.ini file.

To set up a legacy listener on a Window or UNIX server:

  1. Edit the legacy sc.ini file:
    1. Log in to the Service Manager server with an administrator account.
    2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the RUN folder in the LegacyIntegration folder in the Service Manager Server directory. For example, <Service Manager installation path>\Server\LegacyIntegration\RUN.
    3. Open sc.ini with a text editor.
    4. To connect to your Service Manager RDBMS, add the database connectivity settings. Make sure that these settings match the settings that you used when you set up your RDBMS connection.

      If the legacy listener will connect to a case-insensitive Oracle database, add the parameter sql_oracle_binary_ci to the sc.ini file.

    5. (For Windows) Add the following parameter on its own line: ntservice:<Service Manager Legacy Read-only Service Name>.
    6. Save and close the sc.ini file.
  2. (For Windows) Install the Windows service:
    1. Log on to the Windows server as a user with local administrator privileges.
    2. Open a command prompt and navigate to <Service Manager installation path>\Server\LegacyIntegration\RUN.
    3. Type scservic -install.

      This command creates a Windows service with the name specified by the ntservice parameter in the sc.ini file.

  3. (For Unix) Run the scstart script in the <Service Manager installation path>\Server\LegacyIntegration\RUN folder.