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Set up access to the online help from the web client

To set up web clients to display online help from a web server, configure the web client web.xml file to define the help server's host name and communications port, as well as the virtual directory in which the online help is deployed.

  1. Log in to the server where you installed the web tier.
  2. In a text editor, open the web.xml file from the <web tier>/WEB-INF folder of your application server installation.
  3. Set the showHelp parameter to true (default: false).

  4. In the helpServerHost entry, type the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the help server host of the web server hosting your help. For example, type

  5. In the helpServerPort entry, type the communication port of the help server. For example, type 8080 or leave the communications port empty to use the default communications port of 80.

  6. Insert a helpServerContext entry below the helpServerPort entry, and set the parameter to the name of the virtual directory where you publish the online help.


    Note It excludes the web server’s document directory path. For example, if the help is deployed in C:/Apache/2.2/htdocs/sm_help, the document directory path is C:/Apache/2.2/htdocs/ and the virtual directory name is sm_help. Therefore, the helpServerContext parameter should be set to sm_help. The virtual directory path can contain subdirectories, such as sm_help/codeless.

  7. Save and close the web.xml file.

The web client launches the online help using the following URL: