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BSM Business Impact Report (BIR)

HPE Business Service Management (BSM) includes a report that you can use to help evaluate the impact of incidents on your business. A Business Impact report displays information about how a CI impacts the Business Services it belongs to. Data about the affected Business Service, Application, and Business Process CIs includes KPI data, over-time data, and SLA data. For example, if a host CI has critical status, you can use the report to display the status of the Business Service CIs to which the host CI is attached.

Incident Management users can launch an impact report from an incident in context with the incident's affected configuration item (CI). Service Desk Agents can validate the updated status of the business impact to categorize and prioritize the incident accordingly.

This integration also supports multi-tenancy. System Administrators can enable multi-tenancy for the integration.


  • This integration requires that both Service Manager and BSM be integrated with HPE Universal CMDB (UCMDB) so that configuration items (CIs) can be synchronized between the servers. For details about how to configure an integration from Service Manager or BSM to UCMDB, see HPE Universal CMDB and refer to the HPE Business Service Management (BSM) documentation.
  • Only one instance of this integration is allowed.


  • Before end-users can use this integration, System Administrators must add and enable an instance of this integration in Integration Manager (SMIS).
  • Optionally, System Administrators can use Lightweight Single Sign-On (LW-SSO) to bypass the log-in prompts.