Add a BSM Business Impact Reports integration

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

To use the Service Manager to BIR integration, you must add and enable an instance of this integration in Integration Manager. Optionally, you can enable Lightweight Single Sign-On (LW-SSO) in BSM and in Service Manager to bypass the log-in prompts.

To add and enable a Service Manager to BIR integration instance:

  1. Click Tailoring > Integration Manager. Integration Instance Manager opens.
  2. Click Add. The Integration Template Selection wizard opens.
  3. Select SMBIR from the Integration Template list. Ignore the Import Mapping check box, which has no effect on this integration.

    Note Only one instance of this integration is allowed. If an instance of this integration already exists in Integration Manager, the SMBIR template is unavailable. You have to delete the existing integration instance before you can add a new one.

  4. Click Next. The Integration Instance Information page opens.
  5. Update the following fields:

    Note Only Name and Version are required fields. This integration does not use the Interval Time (s) and Max Retry Times fields as it is UI-based.

    Field Value

    (Required) The name of the integration instance.

    Default: SMBIR


    (Required) The version of the integration template.

    Default: 1.0

    SM Server The name of the Service Manager server machine.
    Endpoint Server The name of the BSM Server machine.
    Log Level Select one from: DEBUG, INFO (default), WARNING, ERROR, and OFF.
    Log File Directory A directory on the Service Manager Server machine in which log files will be stored.
    Description If you want, modify the default description of the instance.
    Run at system startup Select this check box only if you want this instance to be automatically enabled when the Service Manager Server is started.
  6. Click Next. The Integration Instance Parameters page opens.
  7. On the General Parameters tab, replace "BSM_host" in the baseurl parameter with the hostname of the real BSM server.
  8. Click Next twice and then click Finish. Leave the Integration Instance Mapping and Integration Instance Fields settings blank. This integration does not use these settings.

    Service Manager creates the instance. You can edit, enable, disable, or delete it in Integration Manager.

  9. Enable the integration instance.
  10. Optionally:

    • Configure LW-SSO in BSM
    • Configure LW-SSO in Service Manager