Set up integration in BSM

If you have HPE Universal CMDB (UCMDB) between Service Manager and BSM, you can use UCMDB to maintain downtime CIs that are populated from Service Manager, and BSM will consume them through UCMDB. There is no need to set up an integration in BSM (RTSM).

If you do not have UCMDB between Service Manager and BSM, you need to set up a new integration in BSM (RTSM) to proactively pull the scheduled down time from Service Manager.

Being an instance of UCMDB, RTSM is embedded in BSM and performs the expected functions of a CMDB. RTSM reconciles and stores configuration items (CIs) that represent the IT environment components and helps organizations understand the relationships between these components and track their configuration.

Make sure you have applied the latest content package and update to RTSM. For instructions on how to set up a downtime integration in RTSM, refer to the Data Flow Management Guide.