Tailor Service Manager to handle phase change

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator


In the Service Manager Change Management module, authorized users can manually change the phase of a change record. If the phase is changed to the one prior to the final approval phase in the SMBSM_DOWNTIME instance, the system will check if there are existing planned downtimes that have been set to Ready. If such downtimes exist, a window will open and provide two options for the corresponding planned downtimes:

  • Click Yes to withdraw the corresponding planned downtimes from UCMDB. The changes or tasks need to be approved again to synchronize with UCMDB at another time.
  • Click No. There will be no change to the planned downtimes even if the actual status of the changes or tasks are not approved.
Note: To disable the pop-up window when withdrawing the planned downtimes, you need to set the WithdrawDowntime parameter to false in the SMBSM_DOWNTIME instance. This operation may cause some unapproved planned downtimes to be synchronized to BSM.

With Process Designer (PD) Content Pack 2 applied in Service Manager, you can tailor the process to transit changes or tasks from one phase that is after the final approval phase in the SMBSM_DOWNTIME instance to another that is prior to the final approval phase.To withdraw the related planned downtime for this kind of transition, you need to add a rule set for the transition in the Closed Loop Incident Process (CLIP) solution. Refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to the target workflow that needs tailoring.
  2. Select the transition that moves a phase from before the final approval phase to after the final approval phase.
  3. In the Rule Sets section, click Add and select the clip.downtime.withdraw rule set.
  4. Click OK to save the workflow.