Managing shared content

In Knowledge Management, shared content can be a file that is shared by many document views. This type of shared content is referred to as system-managed shared content. Examples of this type of shared content are an image file used as a logo on the document view or a text file such as a copyright notice or license agreement.

The Manage Shared Content function helps you to manage your system-managed shared content by providing a search function, an add function, delete function, and a save function. Shared content cannot be updated. If you need to modify a file being used as shared content, you should rename the file, make the changes and then add it as a new file. You can then delete the original file.

All shared content is assigned an ID by the system. You can assign it a name and description when you are adding it to the system. Each shared content item must have a unique ID, which means that you can only add one item of shared content for each ID.