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Edit the Knowledge Management environment record

User role: System Administrator, KMAdmin

Before you can use Knowledge Management and the search engine, you must configure settings. The Knowledge Management Environment record allows you to set up connectivity and define options, such as enabling adaptive learning and setting the number of documents to be returned from a search. This record contains default settings. However, you can configure these settings to meet your business needs.

To configure the Knowledge Management application environment settings, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to one of the following:

    • Knowledge Management > Administration > Environment
    • System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Environment Records > Knowledge Management Environment
  2. Select new options or clear default options. Your changes redefine the Knowledge Management environment for all users.

    The Assign the Default Knowledge View Group to all operators option ensures that all operators who will have permission to search knowledge are able to view any documents in those document categories to which the default knowledge view group has access.

    The Use Adaptive Learning to enhance search results option enables Service Manager to weight search results based on usage. You can artificially weight documents using Adaptive Learning by adding a phrase and adding a number of occurrences with the phrase to specify that the term or phrase occurs in the document a specified number of times. If the phrase is not literally present, this can have the effect of putting the phrase, or word, in the document. It also simulates the number of times the phrase is added to the document index, based on the quantity you choose to apply.

    • Clear the check box to disable Adaptive Learning.
    • When you disable Adaptive Learning, you need to go to the "Manage Knowledgebases" screen and reindex all knowledgebases of type sclib.
    • Adaptive Learning data is not deleted when Adaptive Learning is disabled.
  3. Specify the Maximum number of documents to be returned from a search.
  4. Specify the Default expiration period of time a document should be stored in the document queue before it expires.

    Note The time period specified here will be over-ridden if an expiration date was specified when the document was created using the Contribute Knowledge function.

  5. Specify the style text for search results.
  6. When you have finished making your changes, click Save and OK.
  7. Log out of Service Manager and then log back in again for your changes to take effect.

    Caution When these fields are not set correctly and a user attempts to access a knowledgebase, the Manage Knowledgebase form displays an error, stating that the search engine is incorrect or not found, and asks you to check the environment settings.