Parameter: attachmentsegmentsize

Startup parameters change the behavior of the HPE Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter determines the maximum number of bytes that each segment record in the SYSATTACHMENTS table can use. You can use this parameter to reduce the number of segments that the Service Manager server divides attachments into when it stores them in the SYSATTACHMENTS table. No single attachment can exceed 2147483647 bytes.

Note If the size of an attachment is less than the attachmentsegmentsize value, the Service Manager server allocates memory based on the actual attachment size instead of the attachmentsegmentsize value.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Initialization file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


Default value

512,000 (bytes)

Possible values

Number of bytes up to 2147483647 (2 GB) maximum

Example usage

Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -attachmentsegmentsize:65536

Initialization file: attachmentsegmentsize:65536