Shared memory

HPE Service Manager shared memory is a pool of memory available to all processes on the server. You can control how the server allocates and manages shared memory using system parameters in the Service Manager initialization file. Allocating too little shared memory can degrade system performance, and allocating too much wastes system resources.

The shared memory storage report generates a snapshot of shared memory that enables you to monitor usage. If you are trying to isolate a performance bottleneck, run a report at start-up and periodically throughout the monitoring period. As a general rule, if Unused falls below 25%, consider increasing the amount of shared memory (see Startup parameters: shared_memory). If you are not sure how to interpret the shared memory report, contact HPE customer support.

To run the shared memory report for a Unix or Windows system, do the following.

  • Issue the following command from the shell prompt:
    sm -reportshm