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Shared memory storage report

In the shared memory storage report, the top “Shared memory” section summarizes shared memory allocation. The bottom “By type” section details areas of the system that use shared memory.

Shared memory

Shared Memory Description
Current size The current size of shared memory as specified in the sm.ini parameter file.
Occupied space The amount of shared memory occupied by allocations less than 32K in size.
Big alloc space The amount of shared memory occupied by allocations greater than 32K in size.
Unused The amount of shared memory that has never been used.

By type

Allocation Description
Not named System overhead.
User blocks HPE Service Manager allocates a storage block for each logged on user.
Messages Messages sent from one user to another.
Resource locks Record locks.
Cache overhead Overhead for the five cache categories (Application cache, DBDICT, Format, SQL descriptor, IR Expert).
Application cache (Cache category.) RAD applications that have been read by users and that are in use.
DBDICT cache (Cache category.) Database definitions.
SQL descriptor cache (Cache category.) SQL definitions.
Join/ERD/Type cache ERD and JOINDEFS definitions.
String Type Cache Area in which formats, links and other definitions are stored.
IR Expert cache (Cache category.) IR Expert data.