Smart Analytics contains the following limitations in the current release:

  • Smart Ticket

    If your Service Manager 9.50 is upgraded from Service Manager non-PD environment, IT agents are unable to use the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature when creating interactions for users in the out-of-box environment. However, when Process Designer is enabled, IT agents can use the “Image2Text” feature to copy and paste messages to the interaction records.

  • Smart Search

    In this release, Service Manager indexes Service Catalog capability words into IDOL content server. When an end user searches for catalog items, IDOL returns only catalog items with capability words that match the current login user. However, when there are catalog items with expressions specified in Access Filter that IDOL is not able to evaluate, such catalog items are also returned to Service Manager for further permission checking in the applications server. If the end user has no permission to such catalog items, Service Manager does not return them to the end user. Therefore, sometimes the search result returns empty, or has less than 10 records, but still has next page.