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Editing Web client keyboard shortcuts

Key bindings for common operations for the HPE Service Manager web client are determined by standard decimal ASCII character codes. ASCII character codes are commonly available on the World Wide Web. You can change the default settings for the bindings by editing the key_val parameter in the shortcut.xml file on the Service Manager Web tier server.

Note Certain third-party browser toolbars trap ALT+<key> for their own use. Be sure to select keys that will not conflict with those toolbar key mappings.


To change the messages key from Alt+g to Alt+x, open shortcut.xml and make the following change.


<shortcut ctrl="false" alt="true" key_val="71" key_ref="keyMessages" desc_ref="Misc.ToggleMsg"/>



<shortcut ctrl="false" alt="true" key_val="88" key_ref="keyMessages" desc_ref="Misc.ToggleMsg"/>

Caution It is not recommended to modify key_ref and desc_ref in <shortcut ctrl="false" alt="true" key_val="82" key_ref="keyRefresh" desc_ref="Misc.Refresh"/> in shortcut.xml.

Note The keyboard shortcut for the Fill function is F9 on the Eclipse client, whereas the keyboard shortcut for Fill is ALT+F9 on the web client. The ALT key is compulsory in the ALT+F9 shortcut on the web client to avoid conflicts with other browser shortcut keys in some cases. In addition, you cannot configure the shortcuts for the functions that are designed in the Form Designer in shortcuts.xml, including Fill, Find and so on.