Auto complete

Out-of-box, the auto complete feature is available for many Comfill fields in Service Manager. For a list of Comfill fields in the out-of-box data that have auto complete enabled, see Out-of-box Comfill fields with auto complete enabled. This feature has similar functionality as the Fill option, which locates information from a link file. For details about how the Fill option works, see Fill functionality.

When the auto complete feature is enabled for a Comfill widget, you can type just a few characters in this Comfill widget and select a matching result from the auto complete list.

  • Auto Complete is always enabled for a field that has a referenced table defined, regardless of the value of the comfillAutoComplete parameter and the Auto Complete property setting defined in Forms Designer for that field. For more information, see Specify a referenced table for a field.
  • The auto complete feature supports only “start with” link queries, which return a list of records that start with the user input. It does not support other kinds of link queries, such as “end with” or “not start with”.
  • If a Comfill widget has a defined Data Change Event , and the link for this field has defined Post Expression/Post JavaScript, HPE recommends that you do not enable auto complete for this Comfill widget. Otherwise, the Data Change Event may not work.
  • If the input for a Comfill widget is a numeric value, auto complete is not supported.

  • This feature is supported only for Service Manager 9.34 or later. If you are using the Service Manager 9.32 or Service Manager 9.33 applications, you must load QCCR1E103581_SM934_SM932.unl file before you can use this feature.
  • If the auto complete results are not returned in five seconds, the system displays a message, which directs you to the Fill option, or you can open the Fill option directly.

Enabling auto complete for a new Comfill widget

When creating or tailoring a form, if you add a new Comfill widget and want to enable auto complete for the widget, perform the following steps.

Note Make sure this Comfill widget has a link definition before you enable the auto complete feature for it. Also, be aware that the auto complete feature does not work in the following situations:

  • In Comfill fields that have a value list or display list defined
  • If the Combo Button Visible option is selected
  1. Make sure auto complete is enabled globally, that is, the comfillAutoComplete parameter is set to true.
  2. The auto complete feature will consume additional system resources (memory and CPU). After you enable auto complete for the Comfill widget, HPE suggests that you validate the form performance. To do so, perform the following steps.

    1. Open the form in Forms Designer, and click Validate Format from More or the More Actions menu.
    2. Click Continue.

    3. Specify the file name and click OK.

      Note Service Manager skips this step if a file is already specified for your form. To see if your form has a file specified, click More on the form and select Format Detail.

      A message displays if the system finds any performance issues. You can check the message for details.

    Service Manager provides the following parameters that control this feature. Their default values are intended to provide optimized user experience; however you may need to optimize these parameters according to your system performance.