Web parameter: autoCompleteListSize

Web parameters change the behavior of the web clients that connect to the web tier. For more information, see Web tier parameters.




This parameter defines the maximum number of records that are fetched from the server side at one time and returned to an auto complete selection list. If the total number of matching records is larger than this specified list size, a More icon displays at the bottom of the list. Clicking this icon will load more records to the list.

For example, if this parameter is set to 10 (default) and the total number of matching records is 100, the auto complete selection list displays 10 matching records initially with a More icon the bottom. If you click the More icon, another 10 records are loaded to the list. Clicking More repeatedly will load the rest of the records.

Valid if set from

Web tier configuration file (web.xml and webtier.properties)

Requires restart of the web application server?


Default value


Possible values

1 to 100

Note If you specify an invalid value, the default value is used.

Example usage