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Time Period Management process

The following is an sample process for Time Period Management:

  1. A System Administrator configures time period global settings.
  2. A Time Period Administrator configures time period categories, workflows, and approvals.
  3. A Time Period Analyst creates the following time period definitions:

    1. Creates the rules.
    2. Sets the ownership.

    3. Sets the affected services, locations, and departments.

    4. Checks the time windows.

    5. Submits the time periods for approval.
  4. An approver (or an approval delegate) approves the time period definitions. Once approved, the time periods are automatically published.
  5. A Time Period Administrator/Manager updates time period categories and types.
  6. An owner updates, maintains, or retire the time period definitions assigned to the owner.
  7. A Time Period Administrator/Manager unretires time period definitions if needed.