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Request Fulfillment security roles

There are specific roles associated with Request Fulfillment. Service Manager uses role-based permissions to enable you to complete a task that is appropriate to your role. System Administrators manage and assign these permissions.

The following table describes the responsibilities of the Request Fulfillment security roles.

Request Fulfillment security roles



Request Process Owner

  • Designs request fulfillment models and workflows

  • Ensures process technicians have the required knowledge and the required technical and business understanding to deliver the process, and understand their role in the process

  • Communicates process information or changes as appropriate to ensure awareness

  • Reviews opportunities for process enhancements and for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process

  • Works with other process owners to ensure there is an integrated approach to the design and implementation of request fulfillment, incident management, event management, access management, and problem management

  • Uses Self Service or the Service Desk to log appropriate Service Requests
  • Initiates a Service Request through the Request Fulfillment portal on behalf of users
Request Coordinator
  • Provides a single point of contact and end-to-end responsibility to ensure submitted Service Requests have been processed
  • Provides initial triage of Service Requests to determine which IT resources should be engaged to fulfill them
  • Assigns a Service Request to the correct group
  • Communicates Service Requests to other IT resources that will be involved in fulfilling them
  • Escalates Service Requests in line with established Service Level Targets
Request Analyst
  • Carries out one or more activities in the fulfillment of Service Requests
  • Updates the records to show that activities have been carried out correctly
  • Responsible for the provisioning of Service Requests within the agreed SLA
Request Approver
  • Reviews Service Request details
  • Confirms Service Request details are correct
  • Approves/Rejects Service Requests
Request Manager
  • Plans and manages support for request fulfillment tools and processes

  • Handles staff, customer and management concerns, requests, issues and enquiries

  • Involved in Service Request escalation
  • Ensures request fulfillment activities operate in line with service level targets

Stock Manager

  • Responsible for managing stock and defining reorder rules for different stockrooms