Capability word model

Capability words provide a security mechanism to control access to Service Manager applications by enabling or disabling parts of the interface. You can add capability words to a user role or individual operator to control access to Service Manager. In some cases capability words are redundant to the privileges and views that are already provided by application profiles. In cases where capability words and application profiles overlap, capability words take precedence.

Service Manager stores capability words in the capability table, which you can access by opening the capability form in Database Manager, or by clicking System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Capability Words. To limit access, choose a subordinate capability word. To grant a broad range of permissions, choose a parent capability word, such as SQLAdmin or SysAdmin. If you create your own capability words or modify the default permissions, you can use the checkPermission() JavaScript function that is available in the script library to determine if an operator has a particular capability word. You must use this function to enforce the capability word model.

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