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Operator templates

System Administrators can design operator templates for creating operator records for users that share common information and settings. For example, you can design one operator template for managers and another template for first-level Service Desk Agents. An operator template is an operator record containing all the common information that applies to operator records created from the template. Typically, this includes information such as:

  • Application profile
  • Default Company
  • Date Information
  • Time Limits
  • User Session Information
  • LDAP Information
  • Security Groups
  • Security Roles

To distinguish the operator template from a user's operator record, select the Template Operator option in the template. Users are not attached to templates and, therefore, cannot log in to Service Manager using an operator template.

When you have created the new operator template with all the desired settings, you can then create the operator records you need, based on that new template. When you create operator records, fill in the Template field with the name of the template from the operator template, and then all the information in the template will be applied to the new operator records.

Any changes you make to an operator template automatically apply to all operator records you created from the template. If you later decide to change a setting in the template, you modify the template, and then the setting will automatically be applied to all the operator records that use the template.

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