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ServiceCenter Automation (SCAuto)

SCAuto is a suite of interface products that integrate Service Manager to network and systems management tools such as Micro Focus Operations and Micro Focus Network Node Manager. The SCAuto interface sends event messages to a Service Manager server over a TCP connection. SCAuto links service workflows in Service Manager to automated event collection tools, providing better and more proactive management and control. SCAuto allows for proactive incident prevention because network events can be detected often before a problem is noticed or reported by the business. You can use the SCAuto software development kit to build integrations to nearly application.

Key features and benefits:

  • Integrates to nearly any application
  • Uses an event-driven architecture
  • Provides efficient resource overhead

Each SCAuto product requires a separate license.

See the ServiceCenter Automate (SCAuto) Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information.

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