BDM Mapping Management

Applies to User Roles:
 System Administrator

The BTO Data Model (BDM) is intended to be used as a standard data model for integrations between Micro Focus BTO products, for example, Service Manager and Micro Focus Business Service Management (BSM) . In Service Manager, a BDM mapping is a mapping between a Service Manager object (associated to a file in Service Manager) and a BDM object (predefined in BDM). A BDM mapping consists of the following parts: field mapping, value mapping, atom mapping, and configuration.

Note Service Manager supports data mappings of the incident entity, which are compliant with three versions of BDM: 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, respectively.

System administrators can create new BDM mapping configurations or customize existing BDM mapping configurations in Service Manager.

To configure a BDM mapping in Service Manager:

  1. Go to System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > BDM Mapping Management. The BDM mapping configuration search page opens.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • Search for an existing BDM mapping configuration.

      For example, enter incident in the BDM Name field, select 1.2 in the Version field, and then click Search. The mapping configuration of BDM object incident is displayed.

    • Add a new BDM mapping configuration.

      1. In the BDM Name field, enter the name of a BDM object.
      2. In the Version field, select a version of BDM from the list.
      3. In the File field, click the Fill icon and then select the name of a file from the resulting list. This is the Service Manager file that you want to map to BDM.
      4. Click Add. The new BDM mapping record is added.
  3. Configure the mapping information on the following tabs:

    • Field Mapping

      Note If you add a new field to the file associated to the Service Manager object, you must click the Fill icon for the File field to refresh the field list in the SM Object Field column.

    • Value Mapping
    • Atom Mapping
    • Configuration

    For detailed description of the information on each tab, see the related topics.

  4. (Optional) Click Publish to publish the BDM mapping.

    Note Once published, a BDM mapping record becomes read-only.

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