Upgrading to SMSSMEX V1.30

Follow these stesp to upgrade to SMSSMEX v1.30 on Tomcat:

  1. Stop the SMSSMEX old version.
  2. Back up the following configuration files:

    • All files in the <SMSSMEX_installDir>\config folder.
    • (Optional) The <SMSSMEX_installDir>\tomcat\conf\server.xml file.

      Note If you have not customized the Tomcat configurations, skip this step.

    • Other configuration files which have been customized.
  3. Backup the database.
  4. Uninstall the SMSSMEX old version.
  5. (Optional) Uninstall OpenView Autopass if it is used by SMSSMEX only. Otherwise, if another Micro Focus product on this computer also use Autopass for license management, do not uninstall Autopass.
  6. Install SMSSMEX v1.30.
  7. Configure SMSSMEX v1.30.

    You can copy parameter values from the backup configuration files to configure SMSSMEX v1.30. Do not just copy and replace ovictex.properties and FieldMapping.xml because these files have been updated in SMSSMEX v1.30.

    For example, some differences between the configuration files in SMSSMEX v1.10 and v1.30 are listed as follows:

    • SMSSMEX v1.30 adds the following codes to the ovictex.properties file:

      # default category

      ovhd.incident.default.category = incident

    • SMSSMEX v1.30 introduces the following code changes to the FieldMapping.xml file:

      v1.10 v1.10 patch 2/v1.30

      <FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctHead/ AgentId"> <OutOvHDField>AssigneeName</ OutOvHDField> <OutDataType>Person</OutDataType> <InOvHDField>AssigneeName</ InOvHDField> <InDataType>Person</InDataType> </FieldMapping>

      <FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctHead/ AgentId"> <OutOvHDField>Assignee</OutOvHDField> <OutDataType>Person</OutDataType> <InOvHDField>Assignee</InOvHDField> <InDataType>Person</InDataType> </FieldMapping>

      <FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctHead/ ShortDescription"> <OutOvHDField>BriefDescription</ OutOvHDField> <InOvHDField>BriefDescription</ InOvHDField> </FieldMapping>

      <FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctHead/ ShortDescription"> <OutOvHDField>Title</OutOvHDField> <InOvHDField>Title</InOvHDField> </FieldMapping>

      <FieldMappingExtHDField="IctIncident Statement/Text"> <OutOvHDField>Resolution</ OutOvHDField> <InOvHDField>Resolution</ InOvHDField> <KeyFieldOutVal>SU99</ KeyFieldOutVal> <KeyFieldInVal>SU01</KeyFieldInVal> </FieldMapping>

      <FieldMapping ExtHDField="IctIncidentStatement/ Text"> <OutOvHDField>Solution</OutOvHDField> <InOvHDField>Solution</InOvHDField> <KeyFieldOutVal>SU99</KeyFieldOutVal> <KeyFieldInVal>SU01</KeyFieldInVal> </FieldMapping>

  8. Manage the license. See License Management.
  9. Start SMSSMEX v1.30.