How to Upgrade Your Integration

This section describes the upgrade steps required to use the ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.41 adapter with Service Manager, including steps to adapt the integration to the logical name solution introduced in Service Manager 9.41 and steps to migrate from an XSLT-based adapter to a generic adapter.

The logical name solution contains significant CI related code changes. For example, prior to version 9.41, Service Manager used the field in the device table to store CI names. The field must be unique in the Service Manager system, but UCMDB allows duplicate CI names. As a result, CIs may have to be renamed when they are pushed from UCMDB to Service Manager. Starting with version 9.41, Service Manager stores CI names in the field in the device table, and stores unique CI identification numbers in the field. The field allows duplicate values if they are pushed from UCMDB, and requires unique values for CIs that are created from Service Manager (unless they are not of the same CI type).

Before you proceed to the upgrade steps described in this section, make sure you have a good understanding of the logical name solution and its impact on the SM-UCMDB integration. For details, see the Service Manger Logical Name Solution white paper.

Perform the following tasks to upgrade your integration to use the ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.41 adapter.