Startup parameter: cache_locks

Startup parameters change the behavior of the Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter defines the number of locks the Service Manager server allocates to the cache table. By default, the lock granularity is one lock for each hash slot.

The lock count you specify must be bigger than zero (0) and no more than the number of hash slots that is specified in Startup parameter: cache_slots. If you specify an invalid value for this parameter, the default value is used.

Note This parameter solves the performance issue in versions earlier than 9.33 that the system may encounter slowness at peak load because earlier versions use the entire hash table as the lock granularity.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Initialization file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


Default value


Possible values

Greater than 0 and no more than the number of hash slots

Example usage

Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -cache_locks:2000

Initialization file: cache_locks:2000

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