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Startup parameter: maxmemoryperthread

Startup parameters change the behavior of the Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter specifies the maximum memory (in MB) allowed for a session. After the limit is reached, the session is terminated. By default, this parameter is disabled (set to 0), which means there is no memory limit for each session and therefore each session can use the maximum memory available to the server's operating system.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Initialization file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of the Service Manager server?


Default value

0 (Disabled)

Possible values

0 (Disabled): No limit, and the server's operating system memory limit is used instead.

100 or greater. If a value less than 100 is specified, Service Manager displays a warning message.

Example usage

Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -maxmemoryperthread:500

Initialization file: maxmemoryperthread:500

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