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Problem Management overview

You can use Service Manager Problem Management to identify the underlying reasons for one or more incidents, implement workarounds, identify known errors, and provide permanent solutions that minimize the effects of incidents caused by errors in the IT infrastructure and to prevent problem recurrence. Over the long term, this leads to a reduced volume of incidents as well as saved time and money. Problem Management enables you to achieve the following results:

  • Identify errors in IT infrastructure, record them, track their history, find resolutions for them, and prevent recurrence
  • Create automatic alerts and notifications that indicate when a problem, task, or known error opens or the owner or status changes
  • Escalate problems automatically if not resolved in a timely manner
  • Record resolutions and make them easily available to affected user groups
  • Find opportunities for improvements and make the necessary tools easily accessible
  • React to issues related to incidents
  • Proactively resolve issues before incidents occur
  • Reduce incidents against your service assets and configuration items

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