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Problem Management user roles

The following table describes the responsibilities of the Problem Management user roles.

Problem Management user roles



Problem Manager

  • Communicate with stakeholders if required
  • Inform the Change Manager if required
  • Defer problems if needed
  • Decide on investigation of problems
  • Register Request for Changes or Service Requests to solve problems
  • Validate proposed solutions to problems

  • Validate the outcome of closed changes and close problem

  • Validate that a problem is solved

  • Conduct problem review and document lessons learned
  • Close problem and inform stakeholders
  • Monitor the problem resolution progress and perform the required action
Problem Coordinator
  • Periodically perform analysis to see if new problems need to be registered
  • Register problems
  • Categorize and prioritize problems

  • Assign work to the Problem Analysts
  • Schedule the problem resolution

  • Coordinate root cause analysis and diagnosis

Problem Analyst
  • Investigate and diagnose assigned problems for workarounds and/or root causes
  • Review and accept or reject assigned errors problems or problem tasks
  • Investigate and diagnose assigned problems and propose solutions and workarounds
  • Identify known errors

  • Implement corrective actions

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