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Create a calculation report by using duration metrics

After the time duration data is extracted and processed, Service Manager saves the field change metrics in the intermediate data tables. You can use calculation reports to further process the time duration metrics. For example, the metrics provide the duration for which an incident is processed among each assignment group, then you can use a calculation report to calculate the average handling time among different assignment groups.

Note You must have SLM module license to configure the time duration settings and get the field change metrics tables for calculation. Service Manager extracts the system data against status, phase and assignment group changes, and then calculates the duration values according to your metrics. For more information, see Time duration data processing .

Here is a sample report that uses the calculation report to process the time duration metrics for your reference.

Note Select Calculation from the drop-down box next to the Type of chart field, and then you can see the calculation properties.

Fields Value Description
Name Average Incident handling time per assignment group
Description This report enables the user to review the average Incident handling time per assignment group by using the processed time duration data.
Source data Incident Time Duration - timeDuration4probsummary
Type of chart Line Shows the current chart type. You can change it by selecting the chart type from the drop-down list.
Refresh Interval Recurs every 1 day Specifies the refresh interval to generate a new report according to your report configurations.
Aggregator Average

Shows the data aggregation method.

In this example, the report data is the average time duration of the Incident handling time.

Time Duration Enabled When you select the sum, average, max, or min aggregation types, you can select the Time Duration option to enable the Duration Unit drop-down list.
Duration Unit Hour

Service Manager provides second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year for the Duration Unit field.

Group by Field to Value Shows the field that the records are grouped by in the report.
Trend Field - A1 Change Time: Week

Specifies the first field for calculation.

This field shows that the assignment group change time of the incident in each week during the specified time period.

Metrics Field Sum Metrics 1

Specifies the aggregation value used for calculation.

This value mean that the data used for calculation is from the Sum Metrics 1 value in the timeDuration4probsummary table.

Query"assignment" and is.sum=true

Shows the query content for the current report.

This query means that the report collects the time duration information for the assignment field.

Calculation Formula Average handle time: A1

Specifies the calculation formula you defined for this report.

The formula in this example means that the final report only displays the average time duration data based on the assignment group change.

X-Axis Label Re-assign time

Specifies the label for the X-axis in the report.

Y-Axis Label Average handle time (Hours)

Specifies the label for the Y-axis in the report.


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