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Monitor report running status

The Report Running Status dashboard helps you to identify whether Service Manager is working well when the system is generating reports. This prevents the system from returning errors if the status is showing that generating some reports has a significant impact on the system performance.

Service Manager monitors performance impact of reports and dashboards. Service Manager takes some time to generate reports. If this time exceeds the time threshold that the administrator sets, the report performance log collects the information and displays the slow reports information on the Report Running Status dashboard. If Service Manager spends too much time loading one of the slow reports, the loading of the dashboard that includes this report could be very slow.

You can click Disable this Report to disable the slow reports displayed on the Report Running Status dashboard directly. Or, you can click Open Report to diagnose the reason, and then decide whether to modify the report or to disable the report. For those reports that are diagnosed as the cause of the problem, the administrator can take the following measures to eliminate the impact of this particular report.

If the problem still exists, then you can disable the report. Service Manager sends a notification to the owner of the report.

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