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Add reports to a dashboard

A dashboard enables you to view multiple reports about data in your system.

Note If the database changes, the dashboard contents change.

  1. Open the dashboard you want to modify.
  2. Click Add Content. A floating window is displayed to show the categories and the reports.

    There are several ways to filter the displayed reports. You can select different report categories or chart types, and sort the results by name or update time. You can also search a report by report ID, or report name, which is always case insensitive.

    Note The system does not display Hot Topic Map in the chart type drop-down list. However, you can search for a Hot Topic Map report by its report name or report ID, and then add this report to the dashboard.

    Alternatively, if there is already a default dashboard, you can create a new report and add it directly to the dashboard. For more information, see Create a report.

  3. Click the plus ("+") button beside a report to add this report to the dashboard. The button changes to Ö after this report is added to the dashboard. By default, you can add up to eight reports to a dashboard. You can change the default value of Max reports per dashboard from Reporting > Administration > Report Settings.
  4. Click Close when you finished adding the reports.

Service Manager saves the modified dashboard automatically.

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