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Update a dashboard

Service Manager provides you with UI elements with which you can easily update the dashboard view. The following table describes the UI elements in a dashboard.

For the options on individual report, see Update a report in a dashboard.

UI Element Description
Creates a new dashboard.
Saves the current dashboard as a new dashboard.
Adds reports to the dashboard. It displays a report list and you can find, select, and add any report to the dashboard directly.
Selects the dashboard view from the drop-down list. This list content is not automatically refreshed when you click the drop down button. Therefore, you need to click the refresh button before you can get the latest list of the dashboards you can view.
Sets the dashboard view you have selected as the home page.
Refreshes the dashboard. The dashboard reads the data from the database.
Exports the dashboard as a PDF file. You can change the name of the exported file and select the orientation as portrait or landscape.
Opens the dashboard definition page, which enables you to modify the dashboard properties.
Prints the current dashboard.
Add the current dashboard to Favorites.

Note If your Service Manager Reports role can update a dashboard, Service Manager automatically saves the following layout changes: resizing, relocating or deleting a report, and rearranging fields in a pivot table.

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