Repeat criteria limitations

Many fields within Configuration Management that contain numeric values are character fields. This enables you to store unit values with the numeric data. A typical value can be 1,024 MB or 2,000 lbs. Scheduled maintenance can perform comparative operations on these fields by removing non-numeric characters and treating the result as a number. Thus 1,024 MB becomes 1024 when Service Manager compares it to a threshold value.

Scheduled Maintenance does not consider the source of a change when it monitors the requested field on a device. Scheduled Maintenance reacts to any change from an interactive user, a background task, or a remote agent.

It is possible to have multiple demand maintenance tasks linked to the same device. If a single update can trigger more than one demand task, then each task runs independently. You can potentially create two or more maintenance tasks as a result of a single change to a device.

Scheduled Maintenance reacts to changes in the device record, not changes in the maintenance task. If you create or modify a maintenance task that depends on the current state of a monitored record, the task does not run until there is a change to the monitored device.

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