Task execution results

There are four potential results when you view the execution history of a task.

Error code Meaning
Success Executed Successfully. Scheduled Maintenance generated an incident record, change request, or Request Fulfillment request. No errors occurred. This is the result you want to see.
Reject The incident record or change request was rejected by Format Control. Scheduled Maintenance populates fields in a record as a user would. If a field is required when a user creates an Incident record, change request, or Request Fulfillment request, it is also required when Scheduled Maintenance creates the same incident record, change request, or Request Fulfillment request. If the required information is not available by default, you can use expressions to populate it.
Error Encountered an Error while executing task expressions. Although you completed the Expressions field on the Details tab of the task, one or more of the expressions did not execute properly. Identify and fix the error.
Error Encountered an unknown error. An unhandled error occurred inside the Service Manager code, not Scheduled Maintenance Code. This is a very rare event.

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