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Create a self-service request

Applies to User Roles:


If you cannot find an existing solution to your incident or problem in the knowledge base, you can create a self-service request for a Service Desk Agent to resolve.

To create a self-service request, follow these steps:

  1. Click Submit a Request.
  2. In the Submit a Request window, verify the Service Recipient and Primary Contact fields.
  3. Select your notification preferences in the Notify By field.
  4. Select the Urgency of your issue.
  5. Type a title and a description for your issue.
  6. Click Add Files, and then follow these steps to add any relevant attachments:
    • Click Browse to locate your attachment.
    • Select the file to add.
    • Click OK.

    Note Service Desk agents or other operators can access your submitted attachments directly from the fulfillment records that are linked to your request.

  7. Click Submit.

    Note After you submit your self-service request, Service Manager automatically creates the corresponding fulfillment record in the system so that your self-service request can be handled appropriately.

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