Structure of a service level agreement

The following diagram illustrates the relationship of the various components of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in Service Manager:

In this diagram, the centerpiece is the Service Level Agreement record. The Service Level Agreement contains several components:

  • The official Service Level Agreement document, which is usually a scanned and signed document held in the record as an attachment.
  • Underpinning Agreements, which are the supporting agreements of the following types:
    • Underpinning Contract: An agreement between your organization and another party outside of your organization.
    • Operational Level Agreement: An agreement with another department of your organization (for example, an agreement between Level I and Level II Support).
  • Specific Service Level Targets to measure response and availability.
  • Service agreement start and end dates.
  • The date of the last review, the date of the next review, and the frequency with which that review should occur.
  • For Service Level Requirements (SLRs, which become Service Level Agreements after the agreed stage) of the “Service” type, an additional tab for Subscriptions appears. This allows you to see what individuals have subscribed to the SLA.

Note OLAs and UCs follow the same structure, except that those agreements do not have underpinning agreements.