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Set stop phrases for Hot Topic Analytics

User Role: Administrator

Adding stop phrases is a way to hide particular words or phrases from appearing in the Hot Topic Analytics topic map. The stop phrases are still retained in the Smart Analytics data set.

To add stop phrases for Hot Topic Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Click System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics > Hot Topic Analytics.

  2. Click Stop Phrase. The Configure IDOL Stop Phrase page opens.
  3. Add the words or phrases that you identified as stop phrases to this page. These words or phrases must exactly match the key words to find hot topics, and each word or phrase must start with a new line.


    • You cannot use wildcards in stop phrases.
    • Stop phrases are case-sensitive by default and the corresponding configuration is defined in the IDOL/IDOLServer.cfg file as follows:


      To set the stop phrases to be case-insensitive, update the configuration as follows:


      After your configuration, you must restart the SM Smart Analytics Main Server and the Smart Analytics HTA & Smart Ticket content server.

  4. Click Save. The system automatically saves the stop phrases in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can click Save & Exit to close the Configure IDOL Stop Phrase page.

  5. Run Hot Topic Analytics again. Now, those stop phrases are no longer displayed in the topic map.