Survey connectors

The survey connector is the integration method that SM Survey and Survey Integration use to send survey data to survey recipients. The survey connector defines some elements of the survey, such as the survey parameters, survey recipients, and connection parameters.

Out-of-box deployments of Survey contain the following types of connector. For scheduled SM surveys, users can create surveys based on the out-of-box internal connector, and there is no need to create any new connectors.

ID Name Description
001 API Connector - Market Tools An API-based connector that uploads data directly to the Market Tools survey solution
002 URL Connector An URL-based connector. When you use this connector to manage a survey, survey recipients are emailed a URL that points to the survey
003 API Connector - Medallia An API-based connector that uploads data directly to the Medallia survey solution
004 Internal Connector The internal connector for scheduled SM surveys using Internal URL

To view the available survey connectors, follow these steps:

  1. In the system navigator, click Survey Management > Administration > Survey Connectors to display the Survey Connector form.
  2. Enter search criteria into any of the fields, and then click Search.

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