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Respond to an SM survey

User roles: ESS users

Tip The following steps are only for ESS users. For the steps for SRC users, see Respond to an SRC survey. For the steps for Service Manager Service Portal users, see the Service Manager Service Portal online help.

If you receive an email notification inviting you to respond to an SM survey, follow the instructions to view and respond to the survey.

To view and respond to an SM survey from the ESS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Open the survey link in a web browser.

    The Service Manager login screen appears.

  2. Log in to Service Manager. The survey details page opens.

    Tip Instead of following the survey link in an email notification, you can directly click Survey > View Open Surveys and then click the survey number to respond to the survey.

  3. Select your answers to the survey questions.
  4. (Optional) Enter additional comments.
  5. (Optional) Click Register a compliment or Register a complaint.

    If you select either option, the system will automatically create an interaction record that has a category of Compliment or Complaint and send you another email with the record details after you submit the survey. By default, the No interaction registration option is selected.

  6. Click Submit Survey.

    The survey now appears in your list of closed surveys ( Survey > View Closed Surveys).

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