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Publish a survey template

User roles: Survey Administrator, Survey Manager, Survey Analytics

When you create a new survey template and save it, the template is in the Draft phase and therefore not available for selection when users create surveys. If the template is ready for use, you must publish it to make it available to users.

Note A survey template must have at least one question in it before it can be published.

To publish a survey template, follow these steps:

  1. Click Survey Management > Survey Templates > Search Surveys in the system navigator.
  2. In the search form, enter your search criteria.

    You can search survey templates by Template ID, Name, Module, or Phase. You can also use advanced search.

  3. Click Search to directly open the survey template or open it from a list of survey templates.

  4. Click Publish. The template is moved to the Published phase.

    If the template has no questions linked to it, an error message is displayed.

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