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Bind a list to a form

Lists are bound to the forms they serve. The global variables are applied in Forms Designer.

  1. Click Tailoring > Forms Designer.
  2. Type the name of the form you wish to modify in the Form field of the Forms Designer dialog box.

    For example, type: contact.detail.subform. This is the name of the subform used by, problem.template.update.g, and problem.template.close.g to display contact information.

  3. Click Search.

    The contact detail subform opens.

  4. Click Design.
  5. Add a combo box with a label called Time Zones to the form, using the following values:


  6. Wait for lister to refresh the time.zones global list, or go to the list definition panel ( Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Global Lists) and reset the refresh time.

    Note: If you leave the DisplayList value blank, the contents of the ValueList will be used for both lists.

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